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Labour's manifesto will be decided by what is known as a 'Clause V meeting' - a joint meeting of the NEC, Shadow Cabinet and others. Sign up to our open letter to them to hear more from the campaign.

To representatives attending the Clause V meeting,

We the undersigned welcome the overwhelming support of Labour conference for policies to:

• Build 100,000 social rented council homes a year
• Transition to a 32‑hour working week with no loss of pay
• Protect and extend the rights of migrants
• End all forms of criminalisation of rough sleeping
• Repeal all the anti-trade union laws
• Integrate private schools into a high-standard public education system
• Implement a comprehensive coordinated strategy for mental health
• A just transition to a decarbonised economy by 2030

We understand that these policies are not automatically included in Labour's next General Election Manifesto. In light of the overwhelming support at conference for all of these policies, we call on the Party to include them in the Manifesto. A Labour victory in the upcoming General Election depends on a compelling vision for a transformative, socialist agenda; this is what the membership and the motions passed by conference have provided.

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